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909London 2023 Mission Statement

We have been give the seemingly impossible task to get 909London back on the internet again. From it’s humble beginnings the Stay Up Forever owned digital download webstore managed to stay alive for over 10 years and served thousands of acid techno fans with downloads of their favourite music from their favourite independent labels and artists with no fuss, no frills and no marketing bullshit.

909London was run by Jethro Thermobee and James Kinetec but slowly due to the obsoletion of the CMS and life getting in the way the site became difficult to update and eventually was taken down because the payment system finally packed up.

Onto better and brighter things!

Currently the site has a small team working to try to bring it back to life. However it will not be quite as it was, some things need to be changed in order for it to survive the next 10 years. From the coding and the backend operation of the website to the user shopping experience and variety of genres featured, we aim to make this the premiere online shop for truly independent, underground electronic music. Whether it be classic or new techno, acid, electro, drum n bass, hard dance or hardtek, 909London will feature not just record labels who think it’s cool to say they are underground but actual labels that have been part of a scene that has a long history predating the current world of trend driven music.

909London’s essence will be to try to plug the gap online that we feel the scene needs. A central store that caters for lovers of all sorts of electronic music who don’t want their music dictated by a corporate marketing machine.

With this in mind, we ask you to fill out the form below so periodically we can keep you updated with our progress and ask for your direct feedback on how we develop the website. We will never share or sell your information which will always be secure.

’We have come to rock your soul’ so plug in and stay tuned to see the most exciting new underground electronic music platform evolve…

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